Why do my posts keep disappearing?

The are not profane and I never attack anyone or even the site.

Here is the latest comment I tried to post, in reply to the ESPN Distorts Analysis article:

That was some mighty fine tap dancing around the obvious!

TV ratings, which equal money, were down for the NFL last season. That’s a fact and it is undeniable. Kaepernick’s protest were a factor in the dip in TV ratings, which equals less money. That’s why Kaepernick is unemployed.

I like how a dip in ratings in Chicago is dismissed as being the result of the Bears stinking last season. While the story here gripes about how the effect of certain markets weren’t taken into consideration (and without explaining why the Patriots also lost 6% of their viewers….), the story dismisses the reality that there are teams that stink every year. Ratings continued to grow, even in places where teams played poorly.

And then some things happened.

One of them was Kaepernick’s use of the football field for a political protest. It had an impact, as much as this site wants to pretend that it didn’t. It cost the entire league money, as much as this site wants to pretend that it didn’t.

Accept the reality that the vast majority of football fans don’t want to be hit in the face with politics when they tune in for their escapist entertainment. Accept that some football fans will find other escapist entertainment options if football is no longer a refuge from politics.

Find a new dead horse to flog.